hello everyone, i’m jynastie and welcome to clearly, meta!

for the past few weeks, i have eagerly been working on the creation of this blog and my youtube channel, both of which i am so excited to announce i have officially completed and am happy with — for now at least.

this is far from being my first attempt at creating a blog, or even writing this blog post, but this is my first time actually being proud of what i’ve created. i cannot wait to begin actively posting content, to meet other bloggers, and to truly become immersed within the blogging community.

but, before i begin writing and posting about whatever i please, it only makes sense to have this post be one of introductions and greetings.

so, hello again!

as i previously stated, my name is jynastie, pronounced jen-uh-stee, and i was born seventeen years ago in virginia to a black father and a mexican mother – thus making me a proud daughter of mixed race.

growing up in virginia, there wasn’t much to do, so i spent a lot of my time reading. i easily devoured any book that was put in front of me, whether i liked it or not. i mean, i read the catcher in the rye in elementary school and took my classmates accelerated reader (ar) tests just so i could read their library books. reading was, quite literally, everything to me.

then, around five years ago, my family and i moved to texas to be closer to my mom’s side of the family. i’m not sure why, but this is also around the same time that i stopped reading.

don’t get me wrong – i still read a lot. i was an assistant librarian in middle school which gave me a lot of opportunities to read books before anyone else did, but i didn’t yearn to read as much as i used to, and things only worsened when i entered high school.

for my freshman year, i went to a magnet high school, which meant that the schoolwork i had was more difficult than anything i had previously experienced (please keep in mind that i went to a high school for math classes my eighth grade year, so it’s not as though i am simply complaining and making excuses). i was too busy focusing on schoolwork and participating in school activities/sports to read. the next year my mother moved us across town which meant i started attending another school, but i still didn’t read. this time it was because i was spending a vast majority of my time either getting used to the newness of this school or actively participating within the theatre department, which i have to say is now one of my favorite passions after reading. this past school year, i finally got back into reading and a whole bunch of other things that make me happy such as watching various films, journaling, writing, painting, and playing animal crossing.

this is way off topic, but my two favorite villagers from animal crossing are molly the duck and sprinkle the penguin because they are so adorable! i would die for those two cuties. i would love to know your favorite villager(s) if you happen to have one!

but, anyways, that’s me and my reading journey in a nutshell. a few more random, but essential, things to know about me are: i can technically speak three languages although both my spanish and german are horrid, i focus heavily on character depth and development when i read (if the characters are dull or two-dimensional, i probably won’t like whatever i happen to be reading), my favorite meal type is breakfast, and i would consider myself to be an optimist. most of the time at least.

i’m sorry if the wording in this, or any of my future posts, is weird – i just really want to write in a way that is accurate to myself. i don’t want my blog posts to sound like an essay.

now, i think that about ends this introduction post – i don’t want this to go on for too long, plus i am sure that you will all get to know more about me as time goes on. if you would like to watch my first ever youtube video where i answer questions from the booktube newbie tag, here you are 🙂

thanks for reading this post and checking out my blog, until next time everyone, stay safe ❤

4 thoughts on “introductions”

  1. So nice to read your first post and to have you in the community! I really hope you love blogging. I relate to focussing on characters in books so much, it’s all I care about, and breakfast is ALSO my favourite meal. My favourite villagers in my new horizons right now are Cheri and Antonio, but my favourites of all time are Vesta and Bluebear. I cannot wait to read more from you and your blog!

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  2. hi!! this was a lovely post 💞 I remember doing AR tests in school, though I don’t think I liked them very much because it ‘distracted’ me from ‘enjoying the book’ (I just hated tests of all forms haha) I definitely tend to grow distant from reading during school months and just binge read multiple books during the summer which is a lot of fun for me because I can read guilt free and without multiple other things to worry about 😂 I can’t wait to see more on your blog!!

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    1. i was just looking at your blog a few minutes ago! i was reading your Camp NaNoWriMo post, and it was so good! thank you so much for checking out my post 🙂 i love spending my summer just reading! it’s not like i do much, especially now, anyways 😂


  3. hullo! im so happy to welcome you to the book blogging community ❤️🎉 i hope you have a great time talking about books and everything in between. good luck on your youtube channel as well ✨

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